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Vendor: Horizen Agro Products (Pvt) LTD – Sri Lanka

Electronic Pest Control is safe for people, pets and electronic equipment including Wi-Fi and utilizes the existing electromagnetic fields. This combines 3 technologies: Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic Pest Control plus night light. Ultrasonic pest control emits a high pitch sound, higher than the human hearing range that confuses pests making it difficult or impossible for them to gather food, breed, build their nests and communicate with each other. One unit will take care of a small home but it is recommended 1 unit per floor level. Larger homes may require 2 or more units plus and 5 or more for larger areas. 
Ultrasonic sound distance of up to 250sq. meters (Approx.)
Size: H13 W7.7 D6.5 mm (Approx.) 
Power: AC 240 V/50HZ 
Power Consumption: 8W (Max.) 
Ultrasonic Frequency: At present intervals. 
Ultrasonic wave: At selected intervals. 
Electromagnetic Pulse: At present intervals. 
Warranty: unit to unit 1 year warranty

LKR 7,420.00