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Fly Trap Bag

Pestrol NZ® Fly Trap Bag contains poultry egg powder and natural sugar. When water is added the flies are attracted by the egg power smell and then get trapped.

In Sri Lanka, flies are a pest throughout the year and are very annoying and dirty. Their bad habits, like vomiting and defecating on the food they land on, can be harmful. Since their menu ranges from faeces and rubbish to fresh fruit, they ingest all types of germs and transmit numerous diseases, including cholera, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis and E-coli.

Flies belong to the vast order Diptera (true flies). There are hundreds of different types of troublesome flies. Like most household pests, they are survivors. These units are an effective way of preventing flies from hanging around food and preparation areas, and also keeps them away from people and animals

To use it, take the fly trap bag and unscrew the lid so the bag hangs from it. Holding the lid of the fly bag, fill the fly bag with water up to the fill line marked on it. Hang the trap vertically by the twist tie attached to the lid in a suitable outdoor position, preferably in the sun and out of the way of food/animals. The bags may need to be squeezed a couple of times every few days to break up any coagulation of egg proteins that may form on the surface of the liquid.

LKR 2,060.00