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ComCat®- it stands for Communication and Catalization of plant response. It is the milled flour form of seeds organically grown as donor plants from the families Carophyllaceae (plant origin Germany) and Fabacea (plant origin South Africa). ComCat contains only natural active compounds which are carefully extracted from those non-toxic wild plants as active ingredients blended with Lactose. ComCat is not a pesticide, a fertilizer, a gene manipulated product or something that is harmful to man, animals and nature.

How ComCat® works

Plants receive positive (water, light, CO2, O2, fertiliser) and negative (stress factors such as drought, heat, cold, disease, flooding) signals on a daily basis. For each of these signals receptors exist in membranes (plasma lemma and membranes of cell organelles) that are responsible for interpreting the signals. Via the receptors signals are chemically transferred to genes on chromosomes in the nucleus of living cells. Specific genes are stimulated to “open” and initiate the process of translation, (protein synthesis) that synthesises new enzymes [OR] activate existing enzymes. The enzymes referred to are specific in their action and each regulates only one specific chemical reaction that forms part of a specific biochemical pathway. ComCat® has two main advantages;

  1. Yield increase: ComCat® has a membrane energising function regulating the transport of sugars from the source to the sink. Initially sugars are trans-located from the leaves to the stems (storage organs) and ultimately to the fruit and/or seeds during the tuber/fruit/grain filling period.  ComCat® enhances the process leading to significant yield increase.
  2. Natural resistance, ComCat® induces the synthesis of Pathogenesis Related (PR) proteins, such as peroxidase, glucanase, lypoxigenase and b-1,3-chitinase, by expressing the genes respectively. These PR-proteins prevent fungi from infecting the plant and therefore increase the natural resistance of crops to biotic stress.

Application of ComCat® for Maize

One application only. Apply ComCat 100gms/ha+ ComCat Wetting Agent (Angro) at the rate of 400gms/ha in 200lt/ha of water via knapsack sprayers, when plants (corn, sugarcane, rice, vegetables, flowers) reached the growth stage of 5-8 leaves. 

ComCat® can use in organic production

ComCat® is registered in New Zealand and many other countries as an accepted input in organic farming. It is in in accordance with the requirements of the BioGro New Zealand Organic standards, to the requirements of BioGro’s IFOAM Accredited Programme and to the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program.



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