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Blighcozeb K®Crop Nutrient

Blighcozeb K®– the high potassium and phosphorus content stimulates root system development, plant activity and an increased formation of blossom buds. The nutrients, in form of potassium phosphyte, are well translocated throughout the plant, thus providing strong nourishing activity to the whole plant as well as a notable stimulating power which activates the plant’s endogenous protection system. It also shows control over range of fungal illness and many countries market it as a fungicide.
Liquid mineral fertilizers (PK)


Actifies the natural defence mechanisms of plant against fungitocsics activity, production of phythoalexine and fungal illness.
Increases the amount of flowering, reinforces the structure of flowers


Phosphoric Anhidrid (P2O5): %30
Potassium oxide (K2O): %20

Formulation: Liquid
Application: Dripping and from leaves

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